HIGH PERFORMANCE NUTRITION COACHING FOR ATHLETES WHO need to accelerate their ATHLETIC development and perform with daily excellence.

The Six-Month Athlete Coaching Elite (ACE) Programme is far more than just a set of meal plans…

My role and duty as your coach is to extract your true and highest potential in both sport and life.

We set goals to drive accountability, focus on education for autonomy, and structured nutrition programming for sustainability. As they say; intensity wins games, consistency wins championships.

This isn’t a four week ‘quick fix’ programme; the ACE programme builds your high performance eating & lifestyle habits so you’re fully equipped for the rest of your sporting career.

When joining the ACE programme, you’ll have 100% clarity and confidence that your nutrition is dialled in for both competition and training so you can fully concentrate on what you do best.

Ultimately, your nutrition will never be a limiting factor to your success.

I’ll programme what, when and how much to eat on a daily basis, teach you the why, when and how to perform with daily excellence, and be your ultra-reliable coach waiting to help and support you during the process.

You’ll benefit from my knowledge and experience in elite sport to build, maintain and sustain all the pieces of your performance puzzle, to push your athletic boundaries and achieve greatness.

After completing the ACE programme, you’ll never need another nutrition coach again – So if the thought of consistently performing at your very best excites you, let’s get started.


british weightlifting

I am a professional racing driver and I was introduced to Chris by my strength and conditioning coach to fine tune my performance/results. I have had nutritional support before but never like Chris. He offers a straightforward approach and is there every step of the way to support you. The results have been great and i feel better than ever within myself. The days of a boring healthy diet have gone! Cant recommend Chris enough.

Josh Caygill

Professional Racing Driver

Working with Chris has been an absolute pleasure and has been the key to getting my performance back to its best. An injury to the back end of 2019 meant I was unable to train throughout preseason, that was followed by lockdown and the season been cancelled. My strength was down, weight was up and my BF% was at the highest it’s been. ⁣

The first 12 weeks working with Chris saw me lose 15kg in body fat whilst maintaining muscle mass and increasing strength back to where it should be. The focus for the next 12 week is to build lean muscle and get even fitter and stronger. I will have gone from my worst to my best in the space of 6 months of working with Chris. ⁣

Working with Chris is unreal, he listens, educates and supports you every step of the way so you’re self sufficient and can take ownership of your diet!

Chris Annakin

Professional Rugby League

I’ve been racing bikes professionally for 10 years and after all of that time, I thought I knew what I was doing when it came to nutrition. ⁣But I realized just like my own training, I should leave this up to a professional. ⁣

Within a couple of weeks all I could think of was how I wished I would have started this program so much earlier in my career! ⁣Chris not only knows his stuff when it comes to sports nutrition (off and on the bike) but he understands the importance of a holistic approach and the mentality of how hard it is to change body composition whilst putting out massive days on the bike. ⁣

With weekly check-ins and updated nutrition plans to support last minute training changes, Chris made sure I was ALWAYS dialled for performance. ⁣The biggest take home for me was Chris’s end goal, which is – autonomy. He wants you to learn enough about yourself and nutrition so you can do it on your own. That’s really cool. ⁣

It was massively satisfying to realize I could comfortably cut back calories without ever actually starving myself like I had been for so many years. ⁣To anybody thinking about signing up for Chris’s program I can’t recommend it enough. Do it! Do it yesterday! ⁣

Rob Britton

Professional Cyclist

I applied to work with Chris on his athlete programme for the 6 months leading up to Kona (Ironman world championship) because I wanted to find that right balance between body composition and performance as well as learn how to fuel for the hot, humid and windy conditions I would face on the big island. ⁣I was smashing my training, eating more carbs than ever before, as well as being leaner and stronger.  ⁣

The biggest stand out for me of the whole programme was Chris’ desire for me to learn and become self sufficient; to understand what I was doing and why, understand the big picture, how all the elements of life as an age group triathlete factor into my performance and what part nutrition plays, when to be in a deficit and when to pull out. ⁣

Success to Chris isn’t just about telling someone what to do and seeing the number on the scales reduce, it’s about having the athlete get to the end of the programme, smash their goals, whilst eating loads of carbs and know how to plan their nutrition around their training (individual sessions, days and weeks) to get the best out of themselves. ⁣

If you want the guidance to learn how to do all of this, with access to a plethora of valuable information as well as accountability, then Chris is absolutely your guy and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough!’ ⁣

Louise Wells

Ironman Triathlete

Want to create a bigger impact in your performance like these guys?


If you follow me on social media, read my blogs or tune into my podcasts, you’ll know that education is one of my highest values.

This is why my coaching programmes places a large emphasis on education.

My role as a coach is to not only guarantee you kick-ass results, but to ensure you know they why, when and how to maintain these results for the rest of your sporting life.

The coaching programme is far more than a physical and mental transformation, it’s an investment into your future self so you can become self-sufficient and can always perform at your highest level.

Taking ownership and having autonomy only comes with education…and there’s plenty of it!

The nutrition programme I provide acts as your blueprint. But there’s so much more to nutrition coaching than highly effective meal plans & delicious recipes.

We critically reflect, assess, troubleshoot and strategize your battle plan every single week. The in depth review process will guarantee that no stone is left unturned and we’re moving the needle in the most effective and efficient way.

Ultimately, we work as a team to reach your true and fullest potential!

Sometimes, things don’t go to plan – life can get in the way, training schedules can change, last minute social events happen…so what do you do to ensure you remain 100% on track and smash your goals?

Pick up the phone and drop me a WhatsApp – I’ll be waiting on the other side ready to guide you through the process. 

The Athlete Coaching Members Lab provides structured learning so you have a higher level of understanding about your own nutrition strategies.

Inside the lab, you’ll have access to all the latest webinars, updates and cutting edge strategies.

This new addition to the programme is aimed to upskill your knowledge to ensure your ‘performance toolbox’ is always one step ahead of your competition.

If you’re training and competition schedule is packed, you’re constantly travelling, bouncing from meeting to meeting and become overwhelmed with what foods to eat, how much to eat, when to eat and what supplements to take….I’ve got you covered.

Sometimes, you need a blueprint to follow – a meal plan for every day of the week that complements and not complicates your life.

This is the no stone left unturned approach, there’s no guess work involved and everything is specific to you, your goals, your training demands, travel demands, work commitments, food likes/dislikes – you name it!

Leave the stress of building the ultimate performance enhancing nutrition programme with me…I’ll do everything for you apart from cook the food and eat it 🙂

Our lives and schedules are forever changing; our training, competition, social, work and travel demands change all the time. As your circumstances change, so does your nutrition programming.

It’s a super simple process – Just let me know during our weekly Performance Reviews so we can update your plan of action to ensure you’re always meeting the bodies demands and performing at the highest level.

Chicken, broccoli and rice? No thank you! It’s commonly believed that nutrition plans consist of boring and bland meals – not anymore, you’ll be eating super easy to prepare, delicious meals that you actually look forward to eating.

I want you to be enjoying your food – this is why the nutrition programming is specific to you, to ensure you’re eating the foods you enjoy…not force-feeding the foods you hate.

Ultimate, we’re building high performance eating principles that you’ll implement for the rest of your sporting career, so you need to be enjoying the process.

Some supplements work, some don’t, some are harmful and some can get you banned.

There’s so much guess work with supplements; what ones work, what are safe, what’s the best quality?

I will always advocate a food first approach to transform your performance and physique…but sometimes, there’s certain supplements that can be extremely beneficial once you’re operating from solid nutrition foundations.

No more guess work, no more false promises and no more wasting endless cash on supplements…I’ve got you covered.

Change comes with challenges, and developing high performance eating habits is no different.

My role and duty as your coach is to ensure you live with daily excellence and achieve incredible results.

Sometimes you need support and empathy, and sometimes you need a kick up the backside to reach that next level of success.

I’ll always be open, honest and transparent with you to ensure we extract your true and highest potential

Whatever the barrier, road block or hurdle, we’ll find a way to consistently overcome them.

We are a team, you will never get left behind and I’ll hold you to a higher standard than you hold yourself.