If you’re a coach who can’t guarantee results, if you’re a coach that wants to inspire change into the lives of your clients or athletes, if you’re a coach that’s overwhelmed with the plethora of information available and shy away when getting asked questions about nutrition…then you may want to hear what I have to say.

In 2013, I was in exactly the same position as you. After investing thousands into my education and completing two degrees in nutrition, I still wasn’t confident that I could get results. Although my academic skills were highly rated, I couldn’t programme, troubleshoot or help my clients and athletes effectively…Imposter syndrome was at an all-time high.

Intelligence is defined as having the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. I went through this process the hard way, figuring things out as I went along, an intelligent and  highly Informed coach was nowhere to be seen…

After years of mentoring from world class coaches, hands on experience in elite sport and thousands of coaching hours under my belt…I can now effectively translate all the theory into practice and get kick ass results with anyone I work with.

Helping athletes is something I’m extremely passionate about, from this and the amazing results I was getting, it started to poke the curiosity of other coaches who eventually came under my wing as mentee’s, to learn what I was doing and how I was doing it.

After seeing the transformation in their coaching practice and their ability to get life changing results with their clients (plus the nice £££ kick back they were getting through tons of referrals), it was time to zoom out and develop something…

As cliché as this sounds, my goal is to educate and empower as many people as possible through nutrition. But, I’m only one person, and there’s countless amazing coaches out there doing great things.

I soon came to realize that I could help even more people indirectly through being the nutrition coach to coaches.

Through this, the Informed Coach began.

My opportunity to educate, help and mentor coaches to abolish all uncertainty, imposter syndrome, and bad practice….To abolish unsatisfactory results, a lack of awesome testimonials and referrals, the inability to grow a brand and ultimately…to abolish a lack of cash.

Before I get ahead of myself, here’s how the Informed Coach can help you, what it covers and how we can get started.



In its simplest form, the Informed Coach is a 100% online, educational and mentorship course where you’ll be joined by other inspired coaches, striving to develop their nutrition practices in the pursuit of consistent, ground breaking results with their clients.

Specifically, there are six key modules we need to build your knowledge in, which will be delivered by myself ‘Chris’ through weekly, live online webinars.

You’ll also benefit from a closed community of like-minded, growth focused coaches, who are ready to take action in growing their business and profession.

Throughout the programme, you’ll have my full support to not only guide you, but more importantly, to be in your corner and offer unrivalled support. 

I’ll personally mentor you and help accelerate your impact with clients so you can guarantee amazing results, consistently…my promise to you is that we’ll crush any uncertainty and self-doubt so you can take your coaching service to the next level.

What you will get is unwavering support from myself to develop your skill set through sports nutrition education and the necessary implementation strategies needed to guarantee results and transform the lives of your athletes.


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Kieran O'Byrne

Strength and Conditioning Coach - The Strength Catalyst

My eyes have been massively opened from Chris’s help, and it’s been absolutely amazing for the results that I can help my clients get, as well as be able to give them a higher level of education where they feel so much more educated and empowered than the normal personal trainer or coach, which is absolutely awesome for me. And what I would say for anybody that is going to be reading this or if you’re unsure about who to reach out to, just think of the amount of thousands that you could be spending to try and upscale your own level of education on all things; training, nutrition, mindset, whatever it may be. Why not ask somebody that has been there, been through the ringer? I can quite literally guarantee you a massive return of investment with each and every one of your clients.

So Chris, massive thank you to that one. I’ll make sure that if there’s anybody out there that is a little bit unsure about, can nutrition really give me the extra edge? Yes, it can from your own performance, but also, if you’re looking to help people, it will give you that extra 10 to 20% that you might have been missing for the past couple of years. So any other coaches, you need to get on it. You need to upscale.

Sarah Connolly

Sarah Connolly Performance

Hey, my name is Sarah from Sarah Connolly Performance, and I am an online nutritionist who has been taking part in Chris Lowe’s Informed Coach Program for the past number of months, and I cannot rate him highly enough. He is attentive to everybody’s individual needs and sports and he has insane attention to detail once it comes to bringing the most current, relevant research your attention. As a qualified nutritionist myself through ISSN Sports Nutrition, and also MNU, the level of current, relevant data that Chris brings to your awareness is out of this world. If you want to bring your game to the next level, then this is definitely a coaching program that you should consider. Whether it’s return to play, whether it’s off season or peaking for performing, Chris has all the information sitting there right in front of you, ready to educate you so that you can be a leader in your field. I urge you to get involved in Chris Lowe’s Informed Coach Program to be a game-changer for 2020.

Aaron McAufield

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Chris came across straight away as not just a guy who is full of knowledge on the area of nutrition but also very approachable and easy to understand.

Chris helped my business and my current clients. As a coach, I work with a lot of GAA athletes – With Chris’s coaching, I’ve gained a lot more sports nutrition knowledge to guide them through their pre-game preparations and even body composition goals. I now see my current clients benefiting with the nutrition knowledge Chris has passed onto me.

I completed a Sports Nutrition Module with my Sports Science Degree and thought I knew nutrition, but not to the Calibre Chris knows. I’ve learnt more in the 3 months with Chris than I did through my entire sports nutrition module along with a lifetime of implementation knowledge – Thank you for everything Chris. I look forward to continuing with you!

Anthony Davies

founder of AD Fitness

Hi there. My name is Anthony, and I am a personal trainer. I started the Highly Informed Coach Program a little over four months ago, and the results that I’ve seen with myself professionally and with my clients have been absolutely phenomenal. When I started the program, I was really struggling with my confidence and delivering really good evidence-based nutrition plans for my clients. I was giving them a little bit of advice around the training session, of course, but I was really struggling giving them really specific, detailed plans that got them amazing results, and that was always a bit of a headache for myself.

The program has had a huge impact on me and my clients, and I’d recommend it to any strength and conditioning coach or personal trainer who’s serious about taking their results to the next level. If you haven’t worked with Chris, it’s an absolute no brainer.


During the programme, we’ll continually update your knowledge so you can effectively translate the taught theory into your own practice. Led by myself, Chris Lowe MSc, SENr.

Here’s what we’ll cover in the first six-months…

Fat Loss Fundamentals for General Population. Part I

  • Energy availability
  • Weekly periodisation
  • Macronutrient ratios – The low fat vs low carb vs ketogenic diet debate
  • Sustainable dieting – The answer to poor adherence
  • The under reporting Issue – Is your client adhering or lying?
  • Metabolic adaptations to weight loss
  • Effective dieting strategies – Picking the correct diet for your client

Fat Loss Fundamentals for General Population. Part II

  • Your client journey – Goal setting
  • Calculating your clients calorie intake
  • Calculating protein intake
  • Meal frequency and timing
  • The fat loss supplements scandal?
  • Effective tracking methods

Fat Loss Fundamentals for Athletes. Part I

  • Dieting consequences to the athlete
  • Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport – RED-S)
  • Fat loss with performance needs
  • Weekly periodization
  • Goal setting to overcome performance issues
  • Slow vs fast fat loss – The superior method?
  • Yearly periodisation

Fat Loss Fundamentals for Athletes. Part II – Acute weight making strategies for weight making athletes

  • Chronic weight loss
  • Acute weight loss: The pros and cons
  • Low residue diet
  • Sodium intake
  • Carbohydrate availability
  • Water loading
  • Long term planning for your athlete

Muscle Gain Fundamentals

  • Defining the muscle hypertrophy equation
  • Protein Intake for superior adaptations
  • Adaptations to high calorie ‘overfeeding’ diets
  • Beginner calorie requirements
  • Trained ‘advanced’ calorie requirements
  • Build and shred simultaneously?
  • Long term goal setting and yearly periodisation

The Supplement Check List

  • The staple health supplements – What you actually need
  • Superior performance supplements – What actually works
  • The supplements that show promise – One’s to watch
  • The supplement list you definitely need to avoid
  • Supplement quality – What’s good and what’s bad?
  • Informed Sport and World Anti-Doping Agency

Troubleshooting Progress

  • For performance
  • For fat loss
  • For muscle gain
  • For daily fatigue
  • For appetite and cravings
  • For enjoyability and sustainability

The Body Composition Analyzer

  • Introduction to the 5 compartments
  • What’s best based on your skill level and availability?
  • Skinfold thickness
  • Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)
  • Hydrostatic weighing (hydrodensitometry)
  • Air displacement Plethysmography
  • Dual X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA)
  • Ultra Sound
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Near-Infrared Interactance (NRI)

Fueling the Training Week – Carbohydrate Periodization

  • Fuel for the work required
  • Carbohydrate availability – What is it and why is it important?
  • Fat for fuel – Does it have a place?
  • Glycogen basics
  • Calorie demands for exercise and competition
  • Pre training eating strategies

Competition Nutrition

  • The winning principles and priorities
  • The carbohydrate load
  • Fueling for different types of sports
  • The law of halves
  • The pre-event/game checklist
  • Intra nutrition fueling strategies
  • Case studies

Fluid Balance and Hydration Strategies

  • Dehydration consequences
  • Daily amounts
  • More than just water: Food, soft drinks and coffee
  • Calculating fluid intake for exercise
  • Hypotonic, isotonic and hypertonic – What’s the difference?
  • Too much water – Hyponatremia and health
  • Methods of measuring hydration status

Enduring the Ultra – Nutrition Programming for Ultra Endurance Athletes

  • A needs analysis for detailed planning
  • Training and competition demands
  • Calorie and macronutrient considerations
  • High fat, ketogenic diets
  • Hydration guidelines and assessing hydration status
  • Performance enhancing food choices
  • The sweet-savoury consideration
  • Mitigating gastrointestinal issues

Optimizing glycogen replenishment – Carbohydrate requirements

  • Rates of glycogen breakdown and synthesis
  • Why carb timing matters
  • The road to rapid recovery: Application
  • Post ‘weigh in’ strategies for weight making athletes

Protein, hydration and supplements

  • Protein intake and meal frequency
  • Hydration specifics: Time, type and amount
  • Accelerating factors: Caffeine, antioxidants, creatine, cherry active, NSAID’s
  • Interfering factors: alcohol, muscle damage, sleep…

Bulletproof sleep: nutrition interventions to enhance sleep

  • The fundamentals: The need to sleep
  • Measuring sleep: What do we need to know?
  • Consequences of sleep deprivation on performance, body composition and health
  • Diet composition: Carbohydrates, tryptophan, Melatonin & others…

Recovery Vs Adaptation

  • Nutritional strategies for concurrent training
  • Nutrition principles for ‘train low’
  • Nutrients for adaptation to amplify the training response
  • Nutrients for accelerated recovery

Key Factors for Superior Immune Health

  • Fundamentals of immunity
  • Why do athletes get ill?
  • Training load and staying healthy
  • Managing life stress
  • Nutrient deficiencies: Who’s the culprit?
  • The need to sleep: Part II
  • Controlling the uncontrollable: Environmental conditions
  • Long haul travel tactics

Maximizing Return to Play

  • The recovery timeline: What happens when?
  • Energy availability: They key factors
  • Protein intake for muscle mass retention
  • Vitamin D and other key nutrients
  • Creatine for cellular functioning
  • The potential of Omega 3’s
  • Turmeric for abolishing inflammation?
  • Gelatin: The future of robust athletes?

The Plant Based Athlete

  • Research review on plant based diets impacting performance
  • Nutrition considerations for the plant based athlete
  • Optimal food choices to enhance health and performance
  • Nutrition programming and supplementation for your plant based athlete

Live Q&A

  • We’ll cover your most important questions and troubleshoot any issues you’re having – My time is 100% yours

The Initial Consultation

  • How to structure the initial consult
  • Building rapport and ‘buy in’
  • The key information you need
  • Gaining clarity with goal setting
  • The policy builder

The Welcome Pack and Indoctrination Process

  • The client signs up, what’s next?
  • The welcome pack essentials
  • Tools for automation
  • The need for an indoctrination process

Goal Setting and Building the Plan

  • Recapping on yearly periodization: What’s achievable and when?
  • Food diary analysis: Redefining the need
  • Building adherence and strategies for behaviour change
  • Food tracking methods: From rigid tracking to intuitive eating
  • Meal planning methods and designing recipe packs
  • Hacking the shopping list

The Bulletproof Check In

  • For reviewing performance
  • For assessing rates of fat loss
  • For assessing rates of muscle gain
  • For analyzing daily fatigue and energy levels
  • For appetite and cravings
  • For enjoyability and sustainability
  • For autonomy and the road ahead

Yes, Chris! I want to apply and become an Informed Coach.

My mentoring programme is designed to remove all confusion and self doubt, whilst providing you with crystal clear clarity and the tried and tested methods to guarantee results for your athletes. If your gut is telling you working with me is a wise idea, here’s what you need to do and what will happen next…

Step 1

Click ‘Apply Here and tell me a little about yourself, who you coach and what challenges you the most. Then click Submit.

Step 2

Schedule in a quick 15-min Performance Planning  call at a time that suits you. You’ll be speaking with me, Chris Lowe, nobody else.

Step 3

On the call, we’ll look at where you are right now, what you’re challenged by and what is possible in terms of building a rock solid nutrition system over the next 90 days.

If you need my help – great. Like many others coaches, I’ll take your nutrition programming and practice to the next level. If I can’t help you, i’ll connect you with someone who can. If you don’t need my help. No problem – you’ll still walk away with more clarity and have a greater impact with your athletes.

I only work with people I can help and those who trust me implicitly to grow their skill set and nutrition practice.

Talk soon.







If you join the program, take action and truthfully feel it didn’t bring you or your athletes any value or results, let me know after 30 days and I’ll refund you every single penny. If you're implementing everything that's been taught, have been quick to ask for help and guidance, I'll guarantee that you'll get kick ass results with your athletes.