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Nutrient Timing and the Anabolic Window: An Update

Confusion often surrounds the need to consume protein immediately post training – Conflicting research data, anecdotal evidence and personal beliefs lead to many misconceptions and assumptions with regards to nutrient timing and it’s hierarchy of importance for inducing muscle hypertrophy.

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Sports Performance

Rugby Nutrition: 7 Strategies To Improve Match Day Performance

Perfecting a game day strategy to improve playing performance can have a profound effect on a rugby player – Especially when it comes to nutrition. With any nutrition strategy,  there are many different ideas on how they can be successfully utilised and implemented to bring about the desired performance gains.

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Fat Loss

Do You Need a Cheat Day? Part I

You’ve been dieting all week, you’re 100% compliant with your food choices and you are following the plan exactly. But then, the weekend comes along and all hell breaks loose and you eat everything in sight – Have you undone all your good work, or can this actually benefit you?

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