Ep. 135 – Dedication to Education: Low Vs Medium Glycemic Index Carbs for Faster Running Times?

It’s been very well established that carbohydrates drive exercise performance. The quantity of carbs needed is dependents on the duration x intensity of exercise, whilst factoring your bodyweight. i.e. bigger people have a greater capacity to store carbs. We know that the total AMOUNT of carbs is important, but what about the TYPE of carbs? … Read more

Ep. 134 – Dedication to Education: Creatine & Sodium Bicarbonate Supplementation for Superior High Intensity Performances?

We know from previous #D2EW that supplementation with creatine and sodium bicarbonate (SB) alone improve anaerobic performances. However, what happens when you stack these two supplements together and examine how it impacts high intensity performances in taekwondo athletes? Sports that consist of high intensity bouts will cause the athlete to experience a burning sensation in the muscle; … Read more