Ep. 115 – Dedication to Education: Does Muscle Damage Impair Fuelling?

It’s been well established that a high carb diet is needed to fuel performance. Once the competition, game or training session has finished, it’s highly advised that you consume carbohydrates to start replenishing the fuel used. Under normal circumstances, rates of glycogen replenishment post exercise becomes accelerated due to the muscle ability to uptake more carbohydrates on … Read more

Ep. 114 – Dedication to Education: Eating Strategies to Accelerate Wound Healing

‘Tis But A Scratch’ The Black Knight in Monty Python may get away with a flesh wound, but the athlete who needs to compete at the highest of levels cannot. It’s been reported that the greater number of training sessions an athlete misses, the less success they’ll achieve in their career. Therefore, an athlete’s greatest … Read more