Ep. 84 – Dedication to Education: Ultra-Fast Recovery From Sports [Games and Competition]

Today, we’re looking into the science of ultra-fast recovery post games…I want you to start thinking of your recovery phase as the start of your fuelling phase for the next session or game – they’re always interlinked. When it comes to our main priority, we’re talking about carbohydrates and glycogen replenishment. Unlike protein, the period … Read more

Ep. 81 – Dedication to Education: How to Make Successful New Years Resolutions.

As it’s January, we can’t really talk about anything other than new years resolutions. Or more specifically, what science suggests being beneficial when it comes to making sure you don’t fail this year!You, like many others will write down some big kick-ass goals to achieve, but then fail to follow through with once the newly … Read more

Ep. 78 – Dedication to Education: Coffee Vs Caffeine Supplements Pre-Game/Competitions

As we know, caffeine prior to exercise can do wonderful things to performance, such as increasing our pain tolerance and decreasing our perceived exertion. The issue with caffeine is that it can be very negative to performance (ergolytic) if consumed in higher quantities. Now, the dose needed to have a positive impact on performance (without … Read more

Ep. 76 – Dedication to Education: Do Fish Oil Supplements Enhance Performance?

When it comes to your supplement tool box, omega-3 fatty acids (fish oils) are always considered by many as a ‘no brainer’. However, when it comes to performance and the athlete, is it actually beneficial? To keep things ultra-concise, Philpott et al (2018) looked at the entirety of the research and graded seven key contexts … Read more