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I am a professional racing driver and I was introduced to Chris by my strength and conditioning coach to fine tune my performance/results. I have had nutritional support before but never like Chris. He offers a straightforward approach and is there every step of the way to support you. The results have been great and i feel better than ever within myself. The days of a boring healthy diet have gone! Cant recommend Chris enough.

Josh Caygill

Professional Racing Driver



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Sports Performance

Ep. 138 – Dedication to Education: Should Athlete Cut Caffeine in Preparation for Big Events?

There’s been a long standing debate as to whether daily caffeine use increases tolerance and therefore making caffeine supplementation prior to competition less effective. To date, the research has been somewhat inconsistent…some research says that daily caffeine supplementation doesn’t increase tolerance, where some research say it does. But most athletes won’t rely on caffeine supplementation

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Sports Performance

Ep. 137 – Dedication to Education: Meat Vs Plants – What’s More Anabolic?

The long-drawn argument of plant based protein sources being less anabolic than animal protein sources has taken an interesting turn… Until now, short term studies have suggested that animal sources of protein elicit a greater anabolic and muscle building response when compared to its plant based alternative – typically whey vs soy protein. This is

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Sports Performance

Ep. 136 – Dedication to Education: Faster Thinking & Mental Clarity When You’re Fatigued

Your ability to maintain both physical and mental capacity during competition is undoubtedly very important to your overall success. When fatigue kicks in, your reaction time and decision making declines and your skillset becomes clumsy (you know what I mean). In sports that require you to operate at high intensities whilst staying mentally sharp, this

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Sports Performance

Ep. 135 – Dedication to Education: Low Vs Medium Glycemic Index Carbs for Faster Running Times?

It’s been very well established that carbohydrates drive exercise performance. The quantity of carbs needed is dependents on the duration x intensity of exercise, whilst factoring your bodyweight. i.e. bigger people have a greater capacity to store carbs. We know that the total AMOUNT of carbs is important, but what about the TYPE of carbs?

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Sports Performance

Ep. 134 – Dedication to Education: Creatine & Sodium Bicarbonate Supplementation for Superior High Intensity Performances?

We know from previous #D2EW that supplementation with creatine and sodium bicarbonate (SB) alone improve anaerobic performances. However, what happens when you stack these two supplements together and examine how it impacts high intensity performances in taekwondo athletes? Sports that consist of high intensity bouts will cause the athlete to experience a burning sensation in the muscle;

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