Nutrition Coaching: Frequently asked Questions

As with any coaching programme, you’re always going to have questions. This way, you can make the best possible decision whether the programme is right for you. I’ll be the first to say it; Nutrition coaching isn’t for everyone, so I want to make sure that you’re fully invested in the process before starting and that our values align so we can build a trustworthy working relationship. From experience, this is a recipe for success. It is a challenge, change always is – but it’s a necessity for improvement.
Since launching the programme, I’ve received a number of recurring questions – Therefore I thought it would be best to share them with you as you’ll most likely be asking yourself them too. Without further ado, we’ll get straight into them.
  1. Who’s Nutrition Coaching for?

The nutrition coaching programme is for anyone looking to excel at their sport by losing more body fat, building more muscle and improving their sports performance. Since nutrition can greatly determine these outcomes, the coaching programme is backed by science and coaches you to achieve these goals in the most effective and efficient way possible. This doesn’t mean that you have to be a professional athlete to benefit from the coaching programme, far from it. I work with recreation weekend warriors and advanced gym goers all the way through to the professionals. If you participate in sport and exercise, whether it be weightlifting, cycling, rugby or running etc, the programme will be tailored made for you if you have the goal of looking, feeling and performing better.
  1. Who’s Nutrition Coaching not for?

Unfortunately, I can’t help everyone. Therefore I have developed the following coaching criteria so we are best suited in working together:
  1. You are not looking for a quick fix. I work with individuals looking to achieve the best possible results. This is why the duration of nutrition coaching is a minimum of three months as it will allow for adequate time to develop an excellent working relationship and for the strategy used to be effective.
  2. As I provide high-quality nutrition coaching and results, the coaching process is very interactive where we’ll constantly stay in touch. In doing so, I do ask that you are ready to commit to this process so you can maximise your results. If you feel that this isn’t the best time for you to start due to external commitments or financial issues, don’t worry as I can hold your name for a later date.
  3. In order to get the most out of nutrition coaching, it is preferable that you have an understanding of basic nutrition principles and have had some experience in monitoring your own nutrition. If this isn’t you, I’m more than happy to recommend other trustworthy and qualified nutritionists. My aim is to make you elite, therefore the foundation needs to be set first.
  4. The goal is to maximise your results, and part of the equation is exercise. For non-athletes, it is preferable that you are a trained individual. This means that you must have performed resistance training or intense exercise for a minimum of three-four times a week for at least 1 year.
  5. You are not looking for medical advice to treat a clinical condition. If this is you, then please consult a specialist through your doctor’s practice who will direct you accordingly.

  1. What should I expect?

During our work together, you’ll receive 3 months of nutrition coaching where we’ll work 1-2-1 so you can start to look, feel and perform better. This isn’t just meal plans, this isn’t just macronutrient targets. This is a no BS process to unlock your potential so you can excel at your sport through learning the fundamental, tried and tested evidence based methods. Through nutrition coaching, we’ll work to find the best eating approach for you and your goals so we can connect your new found knowledge with action. From here on in, we’ll refine the approach to mold a specific system for you that will last long after our work together. I will essentially be giving and teaching you the roadmap to your goal. This will cut out all of the unnecessary pseudoscience, gimmicks and conflicting information that you often read and hear about. From a nutrition perspective, I’ll guide you to the most productive way to get to your destination.
  1. Who will coach me?

You’ll get coached personally by myself. If this is the first time you’ve come across me, please let me introduce myself. Hi, my name’s Chris. I’m founder of Chris Lowe Nutrition and I’ve personally coached athletes from all around the world to look, feel and perform better through upgrading their nutrition. I’m also the performance nutritionist for both Superleague side Hull Kingston Rovers and for the WASPS Senior Academy. I have a MSc in Sport & Exercise Nutrition, a BSc in Sports Biomedicine & Nutrition and I’m an evidence based practitioner that has dedicated his career in making performance nutrition achievable for athletes. Nutrition coaching is a huge passion of mine and I’d love to start working with you so you can finally achieve your goals.
  1. Where do you run the programme?

The programme is ran 100% online, so we can work together from anywhere in the world. Any time at any place. The coaching calls are preferably carried out through Skype, however we’ll also keep in touch via phone calls, WhatsApp and emails. This way, you’ll constantly be in touch with me wherever you may be. If you have any issues, I’ll be right by your side to guide you through them – I’ll only be a few clicks away.
  1. What results can I achieve?

The athletes that I work with will either want to lose body fat, build muscle and improve their sports performance. Sometimes, they want to achieve all of these goals – and this is exactly what is to be expected. Some goals such as fat loss can be achieved far more quickly than the longer term goals of building muscle, where performance nutrition is a case of trial and error to find what strategies work best for you, your training and competition demand. Not only will you achieve these goals during the programme, you’ll also have the systems and frame work to work off if you wish to revisit them in the future after our work together has come to an end.
Change your mindset to exceed both performance and aesthetic goals.

Change your mindset to exceed both performance and aesthetic goals.

Hannah Bryan Testimonial

I can honestly say that the help, support and advice I received from Chris has changed my life. Before working with Chris I wasn’t fuelling my body with the energy and nutrients it needed for the workouts I was doing. As a result, I was always feeling weak, tired and grumpy, and I wasn’t recovering well after each training session. Through working with Chris, I’ve learnt what and when to eat to fuel my workouts correctly and to ensure my body can recover well afterwards. The meal plans and recipes Chris gave me were all delicious and I never once felt deprived of anything. I’ve learnt an incredible amount from Chris that I continue to put into practice today. His advice has changed my mind-set and as a result, I’ve been able to achieve and exceed both performance and aesthetic goals.
Get coached by someones who truly cares about you.

Get coached by someones who truly cares about you.

Eoghan Moriarty Testimonial

I was struggling to put on weight to reach the top of my weight category but this was no problem for Chris, he got me to the top of my weight category within a matter of a couple of months. I’ve found myself having so much more energy since starting with Chris, I also feel healthier! Chris helped me to become a Commonwealth silver medalist most recently too. He is a never ending fountain of knowledge and is committed to every single person he sees by tailoring to their needs. In my eyes there is no one better in the business, I look forward to many more successes under Chris.
Achieve balance whilst losing body fat and becoming stronger.

Achieve balance whilst losing body fat and becoming stronger.

Natalie Cashmore Testimonial

Before working with Chris I was pretty sceptical of following any sort of food regime that wouldn’t affect my strength within my sport of weightlifting, having tried many strict diets before I was left feeling weak and miserable as there was little flexibility within the structure of these programs. I have not only gained knowledge of how and when to fuel my body in the correct manner but have achieved huge results. This reflects in my ability to lift and in body image, I have dropped a vast amount of body fat whilst maintaining my strength and muscle mass. Chris’s support throughout has been constant and he is always willing to answer any queries I may have which 100% helps me remain focused to achieve the best results possible

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Athlete Results
  1. Can I just get a meal plan?

Although I provide calorie and macronutrient counted, awesome tasting meal plans during the coaching programme, I don’t offer them as a one off service. Meal plans on their own don’t work; you need a lot of coaching to go along with it. The meal plans I provide act as your road map, they’ll essentially tell you how to get to your destination. But what happens if there is a diversion or a road block? This is why you need a coach to work with and guide you through these road blocks and get you back on track as quick as possible. As my coaching programmes place a large emphasis on education, I want you to know the ‘why’ and ‘how’ something has happened and how to resolve it. Having this knowledge is going to be vital and will help you long after our work together. For myself, you hitting your body composition and performance goals isn’t enough, I want you to upgrade your knowledge in the process too. Finally, you’re going to need some accountability. Yes, you’ll have the road map and the knowledge but it’s the accountability that can be seen as the glue that ties your commitments to the results. Even the best athletes in the work still work under coaches, I’m afraid that we are not any different.
  1. Can I just get my calorie and macronutrient goals?

Although I create meals plans to work off, I feel that this is a necessity initially to see what a good day of eating looks like that is specific for you and your goals. From here on in, once you have the understanding and confidence to track your own intake, we can look at alternative methods to ensure that your portion sizes and macronutrient goals are conducive for your body composition and performance goals. Similarly to the above, nutrition goes far beyond macronutrient requirements, this is simply the tip of the ice berg, and we need to go so much deeper to ensure that these results will last a very long time. Nutrition, behavior change and habit formation is a complex issue where no one size fits all, that’s why you need coaching to ensure your approach is tailored to you, and most importantly – it needs to work.
  1. Do I need supplements?

Based on your goals and current nutrient status, you may need some. I very much advocate a food first approach where we’ll aim to reach your nutrient goals and requirements through food only. However, sometimes this isn’t always possible due to scheduling, training demands and food preferences. In addition to this, there is a very small list of performance supplements that can be used to further enhance your exercise capacity. During the coaching programme, you’ll also become aware of which ones work, which ones don’t and which ones are harmful. This alone will save you a lot of time, effort and money in the long run.
  1. Do I get a training programme?

Although I have a very high understanding of exercise physiology and various training principles, I’m afraid I don’t include training programmes within nutrition coaching. Many of the athletes I work with have a strength and conditioning coach, a personal trainer or have adequate knowledge to write their own training programmes. In this case, I liaise with their coaches to periodise their nutrition based on their training and competitive schedule. If you need assistance with a training programme, I have numerous colleagues who are experts in their respective fields that will be more than happy to help you. All you need to do is ask.
  1. Can I join the programme at any time?

Yes, absolutely. I fully understand that you have events or goals in which you need to work to. Therefore, I’m more than happy for you to join at any time so we can work together and achieve your goals when you want and need to! One small thing – As spots on my coaching programme are limited, I do ask for you to apply first. This is to ensure that we are an awesome fit when it comes to working together and that we can achieve some amazing results!  



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