Ep. 19 – Dedication to Education

Remember a few moons ago when the bros kept saying that you shouldn’t drink soy protein as it’ll blunt testosterone and gains?
Well my fellow champs, let me tell you. It doesn’t. If this is new to you, let me explain. It’s been suggested that supplementing with soy protein increase estrogenic signalling due to the presence of its phytoestrogenic isoflavones. When researchers have fed rodents large amounts of Isoflavones, testosterone did in fact decrease alongside reducing androgen receptor activity when given to cells (in vitro).
Since androgen receptor activity is important for gains and soy protein has the potential to blunt it. The bros lost their shit. So, in true D2EW style, here’s a piping hot study to tell us the craic.
Haun et al (2018) took 33 newbie lifters and gave them two daily servings of either; soy protein, whey protein or a placebo over a 12 week full body training programme. To investigate this, they looked at serum sex hormones, androgen signaling markers in muscle tissue and estrogen signaling markers in fat tissue.
And guess what? When looking at levels of estrogenic or androgenic activity, nothing really happened. They didn’t really become more feminine or masculine by taking either type of drink. For soy protein;
  1. Testosterone = unchanged.
  2. Muscle mass = increased.
  3. Strength = increased.
  4. Fat mass = unchanged with supplement use (they weren’t in a deficit).
  5. Estrogen = unchanged.
So, consuming 2 x 40g servings of soy per day for 3 months not only protected gains, it enhanced it.
Soy = good for the gainers.

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