Build Your Own Diet

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Lose body fat, build muscle. Become a better athlete.

A key attribute of being an excellent athlete is having the right body composition for your sport. Through having more muscle and less body fat, you’ll improve your power to weight ratio – In return, making you faster, more agile and have a greater work capacity. By focusing on this, not only will you enhance your sporting performance, you’ll have a side effect of achieving your aesthetic goals too.

‘When I work with athletes, they all have a common goal; to win’.

Some want to win by improving health and well being, some want to win by improving fuelling and recovery, where most want to win by having more muscle and less body fat so they can be better at their sport. This is where I’m going to help you.
Have you ever tried to achieve this goal but have failed miserably? Do you think this was from setting unrealistic expectations on what can actually be achieved? Did this end up wasting your time and effort? Many profession athletes I work with previously found that this made other areas of their performance and lifestyle worse, not better. This is why I’ve created this guide. You’ll learn the lessons on how to build your very own diet that is specific to you and your goals. Whether you’re looking to build muscle mass or lose body fat, this guide will teach you the fundamentals of body composition nutrition and how to actually apply it.

You’ll no longer waste your time and efforts as you’ll have the right tools to upgrade your diet.

I share with you an approach that acknowledges the reality of achieving these goals whilst allowing you to still perform at the highest level, and most importantly, win. In doing so, you’ll no longer have to feel weak when trying to lose body fat, nor will you feel slow and bulky when trying to gain muscle. You’ll no longer have the mindset of ‘I’m cutting, so performance will decrease’ or ‘I don’t want to gain too much body fat when bulking because it slows me down’ – These trade off’s will no longer exist, because I’ll show you how to overcome them.