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Hi, my name’s Chris. I’m founder of Chris Lowe Nutrition and I’ve personally coached athletes from all around the world to look, feel and perform better through upgrading their nutrition. I have a MSc in Sport & Exercise Nutrition, a BSc in Sports Biomedicine & Nutrition and I’m an evidence based practitioner that has dedicated his career in making performance nutrition achievable for athletes.
In doing so, I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the best athletes from all around the world and coach them to succeed in their sport. This is through years of study, coaching experience and having the ability to apply the latest research in a way that is practical to implement. This is why I deliver a research driven approach; so you can maximise your ability as an athlete in the most efficient way possible without having to fall into any fad diets or pseudoscience.  My aim with any coaching client is to not only deliver the result that they want to achieve, but for them to have the understanding and the education as to the ‘how and why’ they have achieved it. This is why my coaching programmes are very interactive as it allows us to work together and develop you into a highly knowledgeable athlete that is capable of managing your own nutrition long after out work together.
This is the same ideology I have when working as the first team Performance Nutritionist at Super League side;  Hull Kingston Rovers. My role at the club is very similar to that of online coaching. Instead of operating online, I work within a high performance environment that leads the delivery and development of nutritional support to both the senior and academy players. My priorities within the club are to enhance the players body composition, improve their training response from sessions, promote game day performances and keep them healthy through specific nutritional strategies and education.
Of which, I share some of these strategies in my FREE downloadable guides on the home page. Please feel free to download them and apply the lessons learnt to take your nutrition to the next level. I hope that you enjoy my site and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.
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